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MONDAY, March 18th, 2002, AT 3:25 PM, PT

Was "THE WAR" Of

Headden & McHarque Take Home ISCF Titles
While Thompson Adds Another IKF Title!

PHOTOS By Cal Cooper, Graphic Designer, ( 770) 442-3200

IKF Promoters Mike and Elizabeth Carlson can add another great success to their resume of promotions. Last Saturday nights WINTER WARS 2002 event was yet another flawless event with plenty of exciting action in both IKF Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts. However, the talk after the main event sent a buzz around the auditorium... The buzz for Full Contact Style Fighting!

There seems to be a great misconception in the sport of kickboxing today. Many of you know what were talking about. The false belief that "American Kickboxing" or above the waist full contact rule style fighting is dying out. Try selling that line to anyone who was at WINTER WARS 2002 in Augusta Georgia, USA last Saturday night and you better throw in a zillion dollars for them to buy such a claim. Full contact rules has out numbered both MuayThai and International (Leg kick) 2-1 at all 3 previous IKF USA National Amateur Tournaments and last Saturday night, Hudson and Collyer (And several others you'll read about below) proved that not only are there still fighters that want to fight Full contact rules (FCR) but there's still plenty of GREAT BOUTS to be matched in the FCR style fighting.

Many had thought Hudson was done with fighting having retired due to lack of fight offers a few years back, but Winter Wars promoter Mike Carlson offered him the shot at an IKF title and hopes of another larger title down the line if he won. It was all Hudson needed to accept the bout. His opponent would be past FCR style fighter turned MuayThai fighter Lane Collyer of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Collyer stopped fighting FCR a few years back as well but instead of retiring, he had his sights set on the fame, glory and potential big paydays of K-1. Him, like almost every other heavyweight and super heavyweight pulled away from FCR and adapted to fighting MuayThai style and International Rules matches in hopes of those bigger paydays and the fame that K-1 could bring.

Hudson and Collyer's match was a classic toe to toe slugfest that would have made any TV Network proud to show. With the classical high kicks that you see in most FCR bouts, the crowd saw what skilled FCR fighters are suppose to look like and better yet, for those big fight lovers, these were 2 heavyweights. Both fighters threw over 100 kicks in the 10 round match-up (Collyer -Below Left- 113 and Hudson -Below Right- 104).

In round 1, the two seemed to be evenly matched and a coin toss could have determined who to pick. Despite a 10-10 round by any of the judges, Judge Moses scored it 10-9 Hudson as did judge Wilson. Judge Hudson (Not related to Kevin) scored it 10-9 Collyer. In round 2, Hudson caught Collyer with a straight right that dropped him to the canvas. Collyer rose up quickly to take the standing count from referee Gary Brown. However the punch didn't hurt Collyer any as he seemed to be the one who controlled the remainder of the round which explains why 2 of the 3 judges scored it 10-9 Hudson instead of 10-8 as Judge Wilson did.

Round 3 was a turning point for Collyer as he started to press the action more winning on both judge Moses and Wilson's score cards but not on Hudson's for some reason. Collyer easily took round 4 and 5 on all 3 judges cards. In round 6 it appeared he won easily as well but judges Moses and Wilson both gave the round to Hudson. After 6 the scores were 57-57 even on judge Moses card, 58-56 Collyer on judge Hudson's card and 57-56 Hudson on judge Wilson's card.

In round 7, and 8, Collyer appeared to press the action even more landing 13 and 12 kicks in the 2 rounds to Hudson's 10 and what we counted as 6 kicks in round 8. However, all 3 judges gave both rounds to Hudson 10-9 which was a dramatic changing point in the bout. Hudson now lead on all 3 judges cards going into the 9th round, 78-74, 77-75 and 77-74.

In round 9, Hudson seemed to relax more and acted as if he gained a second wind. He was landing 2 shots for every 1 shot Collyer landed. Although Collyer pressed the fight more, Hudson was able to elude his shots and fire back with some effective jabs and front kicks. When round 9 ended, 2 of the judges sided for Hudson 10-9 while the 3rd went with Collyer. It was clear as round 10 started that Collyer would need a knockout to win. However, it was clear to many in the crowd who weren't seeing the round by round scores that this was still anyone's fight. It was clear even Hudson felt the same way. Round 10 saw Collyer still on the offensive, pressing the fight, but he was paying for his attack with every shot thrown. Hudson was able to slip his first punch and counter with jabs. Collyer continued to land some strong punches but it may have been the effectiveness of Hudson's kicks that won this one for him. Collyer, still close to the style of leg kicks seemed to be having trouble throwing good side and round kicks. It was with his punches and front kicks where he was scoring best. Hudson on the other hand slipped around the ring like he was running away at times but it was more of his strategy. It proved effective because he only stopped moving when he wanted to attack. It was this strategy that proved to be superior to Collyer's forceful offensive attack.

In the end, Kevin Hudson took the win and the IKF FCR United States Heavyweight Title by majority decision. Judge Hudson had scored it even at 95-95 which was probably closer to how we saw it at ringside. Judge Moses scored it 97-93 for Hudson while judge Wilson, who scored Collyer with an 8 in round 2, had it 97-92 Hudson.

This was a GREAT BOUT by BOTH fighters! Despite Hudson's layoff, he showed why he once held a World Title in this rule style before his last fight a few years back. Collyer showed he was a warrior in any rule style (Full Contact, International Rules and MuayThai) a matchmaker wants to match him in. He may have lost his last 2 fights, but the truth is, he was very much in them both. There's been some talk about a re-match of this bout but we'll have to wait and see. Regardless, these guys both had their eyes set on the IKF Heavyweight World Title. However, currently in their way is IKF World Heavyweight FCR Champion Dennis Alexio (Left). The question now comes up, IF an attempt were made to match someone with Alexio, what would it cost for Alexio's purse? The truth is, he's worth every cent he asks for. A purse of 5 figures plus would not be far from what he's been paid in the past. However, on the flip side, he hasn't defended his IKF title for years now. Not because he doesn't want to, instead, because no one has "Shown him the money!" And with a record of 70 wins and 1 loss with 1 no contest (The undecided, controversial loss to Longinidis) who can blame him...

The purse situation is what has kept #1 IKF FCR ranked heavyweight Rick Roufus (Right) from fighting Alexio for years now. Roufus holds the IKF International Rules World Title. He vacated his full contact rules Light Heavyweight World Title he won back in 1994 (Against Mike McDonald, KO at 43 seconds into the first round, Caesars Tahoe, January 22nd, 1994, Showtime PPV) to switch to leg kick rules, claiming he had no interest to fight Full Contact Rules ever again. However, we know that "MONEY" would turn ANY FIGHTER to ANY Rule style. If the money were there, so would be the fighters!

Alexio Vs Roufus to this day is still considered one of the greatest Full Contact Rules matches to make. However, unless someone comes up with the money, we may never see either fight again. But lets don't forget the great Heavyweight fighters across the pond in Europe. Several of whom currently hold IKF Titles. They include number 4 ranked European Champion Dylan Williamson, number 5 ranked British Champion Kevin Smiles and number 6 ranked English Champion Chris Ballard. Any of these fighters could be matched up against Hudson now for a possible IKF Intercontinental Heavyweight Title. Or, a promoter could match Hudson for the North American Title next against someone like number 7 ranked Mike McDonald, Vancouver, BC, Canada. However, this isn't likely since McDonald has now been captured by the money from K-1 so he may be out of the picture completely. Still in the FCR mix though could be number 9 ranked Dan Lucas (USKBA World Champion) of Rochester, New York, USA. Or number 11 ranked Dick Kimber of Lynn, Massachusetts, USA.

Regardless, last Saturday night proved to a lot of people that Full Contact rules style fighting is still an exciting style of fighting. TV ratings in the USA have never been as great since FCR style fighters were featured on weekly televised events. Will there be a strong resurgence in the Full Contact Rule Style fighting? Only one thing will make this possible... MONEY! If big dollar purses could be offered, it wouldn't take much arm bending with even some of the best MuayThai fighters to switch over and accept a full contact rules style fight. It's not rules that fighters seek, it's the Money! And who can blame them. Like any other Professional Athlete in every professional sport, if the money is right, the athletes will follow and if FCR attains a much needed big dollar sponsor, K-1 style fighting may have some competition in where all the fighters will fight. We've said it before and we will say it again... We support all the rule styles. All of them can be exciting to watch and all of them have their own great support, but whoever dictates the great purses, the big dollar winnings is sure to also dictate the rules and no one can argue there. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for our sport. Will Full Contact Rules make a come-back? will K-1 rule the big dollar purses and TV rights forever? who knows, but you can count on this, we're not done talking about this one yet... Look for more press on Full Contact in the coming days...

Here's a rundown of the rest of the nights action AT WINTER WARS 2002!

BOUT 1: FCR Kickboxing: Shannon Hudson of Greer, South Carolina, USA (5-3/2, 165) defeated Phillip Botha of Aurora, Georgia, USA (9-4/2, 162) by unanimous decision, 30-25, 30-25 & 30-25. Although Botha had 11 kicks in round 1 he a point on all 3 of the judges cards in round 2 for not getting his minimum 6 kicks in (only had 3). He had 7 in round 3. He lost another point in round 3 for a low blow. Hudson had little trouble getting his kicks in getting 17 in round 1, 9 in round 2 and 7 in round 3.

BOUT 2: FCR Kickboxing: Terrie Hicks of Augusta Georgia, USA (3-3/1, 147) defeated Andrea Grishman of Slidell Louisiana, USA (1-1/1, 143) by TKO at 58 seconds into the first round. Grishman took a standing 8 count 10 seconds into the fight by referee Gary Brown and another 10 seconds after the 8 count. Brown stopped the fight when Grishman was overwhelmed by Hicks and went down in the corner.

BOUT 3: ISCF MMA: Pee Wee (Walter) McCall of Valdosta, Georgia, USA (3-0, 156) defeated Jake Pruitt of Buford, Georgia, USA (3-3, 155). At 2:40 of round 2, McCall landed a right hand punch that cut open Pruitt's head and dropped him for the KO.

BOUT 4: FCR Kickboxing: Summer Miller of Martinez, Georgia, USA (4-2/1, 132) defeated Penny DeGraw of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (1-3/0, 130) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27. One thing can be said about both ladies, they had plenty of kick action in the bout. Miller had 47 kicks in the 3 rounds to DeGraw's 48.

BOUT 5: ISCF MMA: Gene Silas of Augusta, Georgia, USA (1-0/1, 246) defeated Sean Blanchette of Naylor, Georgia, USA (0-1/0, 214) by TKO at 1:55 of round 2 when Blanchette's corner threw in the towel.

BOUT 6: FCR Kickboxing: Mike Grivas of Atlanta Georgia, USA (1-0/0, 174) defeated Emmanuel Vero of Grovetown, Georgia, USA (4-3/0, 180) by unanimous decision 29-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

BOUT 7: ISCF MMA: Brendan Dumont of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (1-0/0, 174) defeated Joe Jobes of Evans Georgia, USA (0-2/0, 180) by split decision 8-7 Jobes, 10-5 Dumont and 10-5 Dumont.

BOUT 8: Pro IKF FCR Kickboxing: : Rory Singer of Athens, Georgia, USA (5-1/0, 195) defeated Clint Wiggins of Augusta Georgia USA (1-2/0, 195) by unanimous decision 48-47, 48-47 and 50-45. Over the 5 rounds Singer threw 54 kicks to Wiggins 52.

BOUT 9: ISCF MMA: Pro South East Middleweight Title: Steve Headden of Atlanta Georgia, USA (7-2-1, 182.5) wasted little time in quickly defeating Shaun Gay of Valdosta, Georgia, USA (9-5, 171). Headden won by submission in only 23 seconds of the opening bell to claim the vacant ISCF MMA: Title.

BOUT 10: IKF FCR Amateur South East Light Middleweight Title: At last years IKF South East Regional Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 188 lb Ruben Lopez of Atlanta Georgia, USA defeated James Newkirk by KO when Lopez landed a strong right hand on Newkirk's jaw at 1:00 into round 1. The win qualified Lopez for the 2001 National Tournament and also, the Adult Men's FCR Cruiserweight Title for the region.

That same day, at 175 lbs, Steven Thompson of Simpsonville South Carolina, USA defeated Claudiu Bucur after landing a Head Kick for the Knockout win at :50 seconds into round 3. His victory also gave him a spot in the 2001 National Championships and gave him the Adult Men's FCR Light Heavyweight Championship title in the region as well. At the 2001 National Tournament Thompson put himself in the National tournament record books when he defeated Vilavahn Seukpanya by TKO at 14 seconds into the first round. It was the only strike thrown in the bout and set a new record for quickest win by KO/TKO. The kick broke Seukpanya's arm. It was Thompson 2nd straight National Tournament title. (At the 2000 National Tournament he won the Middleweight National Title when he defeated number 1 seed Peyton Russell of Bloomington, Minnesota by unanimous decision 30-23, 30-24, 30-24.) However, Lopez never made it to the 2001 National Finals because he choose more pleasure and less pain making an appearance on TV's Pleasure Island. Although they would have never met in the National Championship Tournament (Being in 2 different weight classes) there was plenty of talk in regards to this being a great match.

Thompson was perfect at 19 wins and no loses and Lopez was only 1 bout shy of the exact same record at 18 wins and 1 loss. What made this particular match-up even better was that it was matched on a neutral promotion with no hometown ties with any officials. On paper, the bout was a "Dream Match" for any promoter. Better yet, this was a DYNAMIC BOUT in reality as well.

In round 1 these 2 went toe to toe with everything they had with both landing great combinations. Thompson though seemed to be landing more clean blows and the judges agreed giving him the round 10-9 on all 3 judges cards.
In round 2, Lopez came out throwing some creative combinations but had trouble keeping his feet. Then, at 1:24 of the round, Lopez threw a jump spinning kick that Thompson stepped out of the way of. Lopez went crashing to the canvas on his own, landing on his elbow. It was clear he had hurt something as referee Gary Brown approached him. Brown asked him to get up but he wouldn't stand, holding his arm. Brown had no choice but to start an 8 count. As the count grew higher, Brown stopped and waived it off clearly seeing Lopez's pain and unability to continue. The ringside physician checked his arm and thought there could have been a possible dislocation, but wasn't for sure, requesting he get it X-Rayed. Although he wasn't excited about the way it ended, Thompson was awarded the TKO win and the vacant title. This bout is sure to be rescheduled in the months ahead and if you missed this one, you need to be ringside for the next one... It's only going to get better...

BOUT 11: ISCF MMA Pro Light Middleweight United States Title: Cam McHarque of Griffian Georgia, USA (9-2, 168) has been well known to the South East USA MMA crowd. However, Saturday night he put his name in front of the world when he defeated Todd Carney of Moundsville, West Virginia, USA (10-5, 167) by triangle choke at the 1:16 mark of round 2 to claim the vacant ISCF United States Middleweight Title.

This title was previously held by Jay Pages of Mesa, Arizona, USA and was vacated by the ISCF. The reason? When the ISCF MMA contacted Pages trainer Trevor Lally in January, of this year to defend the title against McHargue, he didn't recognize it so the ISCF vacated the title on 2-1-02.

FRIDAY, March 15th, 2002, AT 2:05 PM, PT

Richmond County Investigator To Be Honored For Courage And Sacrifice In The Line Of Duty At March 16 Martial Arts Sporting Event

Richmond County Narcotics Investigator James Tredore is scheduled to he honored for his, "courage, sacrifice, and dedication in showing the true spirit and integrity of the martial artist in his service to the community" at WINTER WARS 2002, a kickboxing and mixed martial arts spectators' event to be held on Saturday, March 16, 2002, at the Augusta State University Athletic Complex. Tredore was shot by a suspect in the line of duty on July 12, 2001, while executing a search warrant as part of a "drug raid" on a residence suspected for illegal narcotics activity.

Tredore, an experienced martial artist and student at August Martial Arts Academy, survived the attack and is back at work with the Sheriff's Office. Event organizer Mike Carlson, who is also Tredore's instructor is relieved that his student and friend has recovered and inspired by his sacrifice, "Jim has always been a tremendous student and member of our team here at AMAA. I have enjoyed working with him as a prosecutor as well. In this time of war and heightened awareness of our public servants, it is only too appropriate to honor Jim for his dedication and sacrifice to this community and all of the people in it. This is why every major martial arts organization involved in WINTER WARS 2002 is joining us in publicly recognizing his efforts."

The doors will open for WINTER WARS 2002 at 6:00 PM and the first bouts will begin at 7:00 PM. Inv.Tredore is expected to be honored during an intermission between the matches. For more information, call Augusta Martial Arts Academy at 855-5269.

WEDNESDAY, March 13th, 2002, AT 5:50 PM, PT


Mixed martial arts superstar Frank Shamrock (Right) has announced that he will be in attendance in Augusta, Georgia for Winter Wars 2002, on March 16, 2002.

Event organizer Mike Carlson is proud to have Shamrock in attendance: "I first met Frank in 1996, when he was here with the UFC. When I started traveling in MMA circles more and more, I would cross paths with him frequently. I was not only impressed with his athletic ability, but, watching him train his fighters, saw a dynamic and effective communicator. What I remember most is Frank's congenial and down to earth attitude. If one of our students had spoken with Frank, he would always make an effort to follow up with them, no matter where he was or who he was with. He is a true professional and outstanding ambassador of the sport."

The stars of the martial sports are set to shine at Winter Wars 2002. Legendary MMA combatant and superstar in his own right Dan "The Beast" Severn will teach an "Ultimate Grappling" seminar on March 16, at the event site, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. Two time world kickboxing champion Johnny "Superfoot" Davis will also be in attendance, providing an opportunity to purchase a copy of his newly authored manual, "The Art of Kickboxing." IKF and ISCF President Steve Fossum will also be in the Garden City for all of the action, as will kickboxing pioneer Joe Corley. (Left) For more information, contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269 or E-mail at amaa@prodigy.net.



Gene "Mean" Silas of Aiken, SC, spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corps. He will have to pull from the discipline and focus learned there on March 16, 2002, as he faces Valdosta's Sean Blanchette, in a Super Heavyweight, ISCF sanctioned, mixed martial arts bout. Accordingly, Silas' match will incorporate techniques from all martial arts, including punches, kicks, throws and joint locks. Silas sees his military experience as helping prepare him for the demand of competition.

"The Marines teach you to improvise, adapt, and overcome. That is what I am looking to do in my fight," says Silas, who is also a former competitive power lifter, "No matter what the outcome, I sticking with this." Silas trainer and Winter Wars 2002 organizer, Mike Carlson is impressed with Silas' "team spirit" and work ethic, "Nobody out there is willing to log more hours in training than Gene," notes Carlson, "He really carved out a beneficial niche for himself-and for all of us-here at Augusta Martial Arts Academy."

Silas adds, "I just do not want to let my fight team down." Upon hearing this, Carlson replied, "That's about the last thing Gene needs to worry about." Silas bout will be part of a daylong martial arts sports event on Saturday, March 16, 2002, at the Augusta State University Athletic Complex, including a daytime karate and grappling tournament and an "Ultimate Grappling" seminar, taught by pioneering Mixed martial arts champion Dan "The Beast" Severn (Right) At 6:00pm, the doors will open for the evening kickboxing and mixed martial arts bouts, which will begin at 7:00pm. For more information, contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269 or E-mail at amaa@prodigy.net

Fight card subject to change.


Fight Talk
ala "The Doctor" and
Counter Doctor with
Bad Johnny (Right)

Editor's Note: The Doctor is an avid fan of the martial sports. A significant player in the passage of the HB 538, which kept mixed martial arts legal in the Peach State, this influential fight enthusiast possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of law, literature, and both the fine and combat arts. As one of his many dedicated female admirers once wrote, "[The Doctor's] capacity for derivative knowledge, his levitational mind speak, set him apart."

Periodically, The Doctor "offers up" his prospective on forthcoming ring contests. In that tradition, The Doctor presents his "progDoctorstications" for Winter Wars 2002 to be held on March 16, 2002, in Augusta, Georgia.

"Bad" Johnny Markwalter (aka "The Anti-Doctor") is a former prosecutor working in an Augusta, Georgia private practice, who has served as ring announcer and legal counsel to many southern MMA and kickboxing events. Known for his tenacious demeanor in and out of the courtroom, Bad Johnny once, in front of a jury, challenged a defense lawyer to "be a man" and "don't sit there like a coward", on his way to getting a conviction! Frustrated by what he believes is a "Doctor Monopoly" of IKF and ISCF pages by The Doctor and Bad Johnny has requested "equal time" for the good of the order and benefit of fight fans.

While the two are close friends and former colleagues, they share an intense personal and professional rivalry that is widely renowned for its energy, entertainment value and mock outrage.

The Doctor on Shannon Hudson versus Phillip Botha

The South African (Botha) import will face Hudson, the South Carolina heartthrob. Hudson has the look of converted point karate tournament fighter, and, to me, never appears to be any more comfortable in the ring than a Gaelic leader at a Roman banquet. Botha will not be duped by the "hype" and will emerge victorious in this bout. Botha's time spent training in Muay Thai will not have completely eroded his kicking skills (despite its best efforts) and his superior poise and power will eviscerate the erratic "Pooh".
The Doctor's Pick: Botha by unanimous decision.

Counter Doctor: Can you go 5 minutes without mentioning classical history? Botha is versatile, but if Shannon is in any kind of shape, he will win the fight. He has too wide an arsenal for Phillip to stop him.
Bad Johnny Sez: Hudson by split decision

The Doctor on Pee Wee McCall versus Jake Pruitt

Pruitt enters this match on a mission to fight for the memory of his dearly departed instructor, Garland Bray. The extroverted progenitor McCall wants to show that he possesses the skills to make him more than just a "tough kid" in the eyes of fight fans. This fight will metaphorically resemble the protracted exchange between George Kennedy and Paul Newman in "Cool Hand Luke", with Pruitt neutralizing McCall, taking him down at will, but doing little else of interest. And without James Banks in attendance to fire him up, McCall's focus may be lacking.
The Doctor's Pick: Pruitt by unanimous decision.

Counter Doctor: Up all night watching AMC again, Doctor? I can't believe I am saying this, but I agree. Jake's wrestling skills will be too much for Pee Wee, no matter how durable he is. I see Jake catching Pee Wee with some kind of submission hold though, while Pee Wee is trying to get his feet.
Bad Johnny Sez: Pruitt by submission in the third round.

The Doctor on Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson versus Ruben Lopez

As I prepare to take my family into its second generation of greatness in its chosen profession, I can relate to Thompson doing the same for his. Wonderboy has gone through opponents like Patton through North Africa for years. What has Lopez been doing during that time? Rumor has it that he is fresh off an appearance on TV's "Pleasure Island", which is some dreadful nugget of "teletripe" that was as repugnant as it was salacious. That digression aside, if Lopez is entertaining the delusion that he possesses even a remote chance of winning this match, he must have been residing on Fantasy Island instead. Although this metaphor is apt in many ways, Lopez could not have foreseen the salient features of the comparison when he fell on folly and agreed to this mismatch. With all of the rich, Corinthian leather Wonderboy will connect with, he may believe that Thompson's trainer/father is actually Mr. Rourke. The brutal and gratuitous "beatdown" that Thompson will give Lopez will lay Lopez so low that Lopez will have to climb a stepladder to see eye to eye with Herve Villachaise (Tattoo).
The Doctor's Pick: Thompson by KO in the second round

Counter Doctor: The only thing gratuitous around here is your commentary! Why can't you just say that you think Thompson will win? Stephen will win, but not that big. Lopez has great skill and a lot to fight for, which counts. He won't win, but he won't give up either.
Bad Johnny Sez: Thompson by unanimous decision

The Doctor on Clint Wiggins versus Rory Singer

The fire that stokes the Internet burns brightly with the Hardcore Gym's admiration for this writer. The affection is mutual. As such, it is with a note of melancholy and a sigh of regret with which I must divulge my prediction here. Wiggins is too highly skilled a technician to be denied a win in this contest. Singer's unidimensional Muay Thai based attack will, as the Dragon would have opined, resemble a "truck in low gear attempting to catch a rabbit". Not that Singer will not strive valiantly, he will, but it won't be enough.
The Doctor's Pick: Wiggins by unanimous decision

Counter Doctor: Those guys from Athens are too busy training to worry about what anybody says about them. Clint is a great guy, but I don't think that he can handle Rory's power. Besides, Clint never seems to follow a game plan, and resorts to brawling way too much. If he tries that with Rory, he is in for trouble.
Bad Johnny Sez: Singer by TKO in the fourth

The Doctor on Cam McHargue versus Todd Carney

Carney could be nicknamed "The Tempest", because he ambulates through the ring like an arachnid. The "tape trained" McHargue, a man of 1,000 holds, gives every neophyte with a VCR and a dream hope. That hope will spring eternal, bear its fruition, and will gain substantiation as McHargue's superior technique decimates the unorthodox and awkward Carney for a US Title win.
The Doctor's Pick: McHargue by submission in the second round

Counter Doctor: Who are you now, Shakespeare or Ernest L. Thayer? And why don't you just say spider? I am going with Carney for an upset win. Todd has been "snake bit" at times in the past. He jumped into fights that he maybe should not have taken or did so on short notice. This time he has had time to prepare and will win.
Bad Johnny Sez: Carney by unanimous decision

The Doctor on Kevin Hudson versus Lane Collyer

"Lightning" Lane Collyer (Right) has blazed an electrifying trail of success in both the ring and as a promoter. He is powerful, versatile, and most importantly, currently active. "Hurricane" Hudson's (Left) long layoff from the ring will not make him the Lazurus of kickboxing. In point of fact, he will be far more the Rip Van Winkle. The wake-up call is looming like Damocles' sword, and as the bell sounds, "Lightning" will strike, and the Hurricane will resemble a spring shower by comparison. Collyer will win the title in a maelstrom.
The Doctor's Pick: Collyer by TKO in the third round.

Counter The Doctor: What is this, the Weather Channel? Lane is gutsy, tough, but not skilled or experienced enough to beat Kevin, who has over 20 PROFESSIONAL fights. He has a huge school and great sparring with people like Ronnie Copeland. That put him in a class beyond Lane.
Bad Johnny Sez: Hudson by unanimous decision

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in the foregoing column are strictly those of The Doctor, Johnny Markwalter, Esq. They do not represent the feelings, thoughts, or expressions of the IKF, PKC, ISCF, Karate Masters, Inc. d/b/a Augusta Martial Arts Academy, M.E.R.K. Services, Inc., any of their representatives, employees, and/or assigns, including but not limited to Steve Fossum, Glenn Keeney, Mike and/or Elizabeth Carlson.



When Augusta kickboxer "Endless" Summer Miller had shoulder surgery last year, she did not have far to look for a physical therapist. Her teammate, kickboxer Terri "T-Rex" Hicks, was standing ready. "One helpful aspect about going to Terri is that she is a kickboxer as well," says Miller, who will fight Atlanta's Penny DeGraw, "So she understands exactly what my goals are and what I need my body to be able to do." Hicks, a licensed physical therapist, will face Louisiana's Andrea Grishman.

She has been impressed with Miller's progress, "Most people never dream about getting in the ring, period. Summer has worked hard and progressed ahead of schedule, which says a lot for her being ready to fight this time." Miller and Hicks will be part of a 12-bout fight card (7 kickboxing and 5 mixed martial arts bouts), which will comprise the "night show" of Winter Wars 2002. Organizer Mike Carlson, who trains both Hicks and Miller, sees his dojo as being a catalyst for the development of both of his fighters, "Augusta Martial Arts Academy is about teamwork. Prima donnas and mavericks are not tolerated here. Summer and Terri are dedicated to our program in every respect. No one trains harder than these two ladies. It is a testament to the synergism that AMAA creates that Summer had a physical therapist right here and part of her team."

Winter Wars 2002 will be an all day event on Saturday, March 16, 2002, at the Augusta State University Athletic Complex. Beginning at 9:30am, a daytime karate and grappling tournament will begin. Later, at the ASU Athletic Complex, from 2-4pm, mixed martial arts legend Dan "The Beast" Severn will conduct an "Ultimate Grappling" seminar. At 6:00pm, the doors will open for the evening kickboxing and mixed martial arts fights, which will begin at 7:00pm. For more information, contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269 or E-mail at amaa@prodigy.net.

Fight card subject to change.

MONDAY, March 11th, 2002, AT 10:20 PM, PT

Fort Gordon Soldier &
Department of Army Civilian
To See Action at...
Winter Wars 2002

Two combat athletes who have dedicated their careers to the defense of America will step into battle of a different kind on Saturday, March 16, 2002, as part of Winter Wars 2002, a combination kickboxing and mixed martial arts event to be held at the Augusta State University Athletic Complex, off Wrightsboro Road in Augusta Georgia.

Fort Gordon soldier Emanuel "Soldier" Vero, who holds the rank of Sergeant in the United States Army, will do battle with Mike Grivas, in a Light Heavyweight kickboxing bout. Department of Army Civilian and former U.S. Army Sergeant "Joltin'"Joe Jobes will face Brendan Dumont in an ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation sanctioned Middleweight mixed martial arts contest.

Vero looks forward to representing his school, the 35th Military Police Detachment, Fort Gordon, and the armed services in the bout, "I am really looking forward to stepping into the ring on March 16 and giving my fight team here at Augusta Martial Arts Academy ("AMAA") and all of those who serve something to cheer about." Vero, a former student of martial arts legend Jim Harrison, was elated to find AMAA when he was stationed in Augusta, "I couldn't believe that I could come to a dojo in a place like Augusta, Georgia and find a school basically identical to that of Mr.Harrison's in its teaching, attitude and philosophy, but I did. The only surprise to me was that Sensei (Mike) Carlson was not one of Mr.Harrison's former students!"

Jobes is looking forward to avenging his loss to Ray Thompson protégé Mike Robinson. "I have a much better outlook on this fight than I did when I went in against Robinson in Valdosta last summer," says Jobes, who works as an intelligence analyst at Augusta's Fort Gordon, "Getting into the ring is not alien to me now, and, being here at home, I have a lot more to fight for."

Winter Wars 2002, organizer, Mike Carlson, who trains both Vero and Jobes, reflects that having these two particular athletes competing is of special significance, given the current state of world events, "With the world stage playing out a war against terrorism of which the American military is taking a leadership role, I believe that it is very significant that these two men who have elected to serve and sacrifice for all of us are looking to get into the ring and set an even further example of discipline and excellence." Carlson adds, "No matter what the outcome of either of their matches might be, I would expect that their fellow citizens will appreciate their willingness to take things to even a higher level."

Vero and Jobes' bouts will be part of a full night of kickboxing and mixed martial arts bouts scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM, with the doors opening at 6:00 PM. Earlier that day, at the venue, a daytime karate tournament and grappling seminar with mixed martial arts superstar Dan "The Beast" Severn will be held. For more information, call Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269, E-mail at amaa@prodigy.net or at the event web page at www.IKFKickboxing.com/WinterWars.htm

Fight Card subject to change.

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THURSDAY, February 28th, 2002, AT 6:55 PM, PT

High Profile Southeastern MMA Fighters
To Meet In Kickboxing Match

Two versatile combat athletes are set to clash at Augusta, Georgia's Winter Wars 2002 on March 16, 2002. In what was basically his first year in competition, RINGS veteran Clint "Wildman" Wiggins (Left) stepped out of a traditional martial arts background and fought in MMA, shootfighting, muay thai, international and full contact rules kickboxing matches.

Gauntlet Trials II Tournament Champion Rory Singer (Right, IKF Super Heavyweight Amateur MuayThai Rules Georgia Champion - A title that will retire the moment he steps into the ring in this bout) carries an MMA record of 5-2 (2-1 as a Pro), and is a state golden gloves and muay thai champion.

These two versatile, talented and popular fighters who both call Georgia home, will square off in a Pro kickboxing match in Augusta, Georgia, as part of the Winter Wars 2002 MMA and Kickboxing Event, to be held on March 16, 2002. Wiggins and Singer are scheduled to meet in a five round Pro kickboxing bout which will be sanctioned by the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) and the Professional Karate Commission.(PKC). The cruiserweight contest will be under the American or Full Contact Rules, which require that all kicks be thrown above the waist, and to the boxing target areas, with the requirement that each combatant throw a minimum of 8 kicks per round. Wiggins, a former collegiate baseball player who works as a computer programmer, is coming off a kickboxing win over Ohio's Mark Feaks who was the 2001 IKF US National Amateur Tournament Champion.

"The Wildman" says that his fight career has produced unexpected benefits, "When I fought in RINGS, two very inspirational things happened. First, Mr. Monte Cox sat me down and told me that, with enough work, I had what it took to be a real competitor. Secondly, I got to meet and spend time with Pat Miletich and Jens Pulver, who are first class fellas. Then, when they came here to Augusta for WEF, I suddenly found that I was sitting at the same table with them at the after fight party. I thought that I would have to kick myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming! It's that sort of thing that keeps a 'computer geek' like me in the gym and the ring." When Wiggins, who also instructs at Augusta Martial Arts Academy, was asked about fighting in so many different rules styles over such a short period, Wiggins smiles: "Man, I'm from Jenkins County Georgia. We love to fight!"

Singer, who works for the University of Georgia as a Research Engineer, has fought in diverse venues stretching from Thomaston, Georgia to Johannesburg, South Africa. Known for his commitment to training and a "never say die" attitude in the ring, Singer is sailing into uncharted waters in this, his first bout under these rules. Relying on his work ethic and training at Athens Georgia's The HardCore Gym, (which Rory co-owns and operates with his brother Adam) Singer is confident. "I started my career as a combat athlete in amateur boxing. Having been involved in this and other martial arts for a long time, NHB, to me, was the next obvious progression. I have mixed it up in between by also competing in amateur Muay Thai as well as various submission grappling tournaments. Sure, I have never done a kickboxing (Above the waist he means, he's done muaythai rules) match but what the heck. I have competed against some great fighters in many different arenas. I have also trained with some great people...Randy Couture, Rigan and Jean Jacque Machado, Matt Thornton as well as others. Getting in the ring or cage and testing myself and what I have learned is why I do all of this."

Singer's coach and brother Adam had this to say "I have to hand it to Rory on taking this fight. He has no background in Kickboxing and doesn't even have a coach that can help him prepare. But I guess that is the true spirit of The HardCore Gym - Fight anyone, anywhere under any rules." Singer's manager, ISCF promoter Matthew Waller, is enthusiastic about his fighter's chances and this opportunity, "We certainly respect Clint and appreciate the chance to fight in Augusta. At the same time, I believe in Rory, and think that he has the talent and drive to be successful in any rules style he enters. We are even picking him up some long pants with 'The HardCore Gym' written down the side, so that everyone will know where he comes from!"

Winter Wars 2002 organizer and Wiggins' trainer, Mike Carlson, indicates that he believes that this will be an exciting bout, "Rory deserves tremendous credit for not only thinking--but stepping--outside the box and taking this fight. Both athletes always deliver and are real 'fan pleasers.' My only regret is that I will have to be in the corner, and can't take this one in as a 'detached observer' in the stands."

WW 2002 will be held at the Augusta State University Athletic Complex on March 16. 2002. For more information, contact Elizabeth Carlson at amaa@prodigy.net or 706/855-5269.
Fight card subject to change.

MONDAY, February 25th, 2002, AT 2:00 PM, PT

Two U.S. Title Bouts To Headline
In Augusta, Georgia, USA

United States Title bouts in mixed martial arts and in kickboxing will be on the line in Augusta, Georgia on March 16, 2002, as Augusta Martial Arts Academy presents Winter Wars 2002. Southern sensation Cam McHargue will lock horns with veteran Todd "Crazy T" Carney for the vacated International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF) United States Light Middleweight title.

In the co-main event, Heavyweights "Lightning" Lane Collyer (Left) and Kevin "Hurricane" Hudson (Right) will square off for the vacant IKF Pro United States Heavyweight Title in the full contact (kicks above the waist only) rules division.

In the ISCF MMA Bout, McHargue is known for pulling from his gymnastics background and exciting yet effective use of "flashy," athletic, and "high-risk" maneuvers in the ring. Carney has a reputation for always being willing to take bouts against anyone, at the "drop of a hat." This time, however, Carney has had ample time to prepare for a known opponent.

The number 8 IKF Ranked Full Contact Rules Heavyweight Hudson, a former world kickboxing champion, is known for being able to "kick like a lightweight," and is making a long awaited return to the ring. His opponent, Collyer, is ranked #2 in the IKF Full Contact Heavyweight Rankings, #3 in the IKF International Rules Heavyweight Rankings and number 2 in the IKF MuayThai Heavyweight Rankings. Collyer has as aggressive streak which has laid many opponents low.

In other MMA title action, Steve Headden will face Shaun Gay for the ISCF MMA East Coast United States Middleweight title. Headden, who sports a background in judo and Brazilian jiu jitsu, will face journeyman Gay, who has years of training in kickboxing and jujitsu, and is one of the Southeast's most active competitors.

Winter Wars 2002 will be a daylong event at the Augusta State University Athletic Complex. At 9:30 AM, the daytime martial tournament will get underway, including continuous point sparring, kata, weapons kata, grappling and shoot sparring divisions. From 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM, Dan "The Beast" Severn (Right) will hold an "Ultimate Grappling" seminar. At 6:00 PM the doors will open for the night fights, which will begin at 7:00 PM.

The after fight party will be held at the event hotel, The Partridge Inn. Those interested in staying at the Partridge Inn, please request the "Winter Wars 2002" rate. Please go to www.partridgeinn.com for hotel information. All of Winter Wars 2002's mixed martial arts bouts will be sanctioned by the ISCF - International Sports Combat Federation. All kickboxing bouts will be sanctioned by the IKF - International Kickboxing Federation and the Professional Karate Commission. The day tournament will also be sanctioned by the Professional Karate Commission.

Winter Wars 2002 will be the culmination of a week's worth of martial sports events in Augusta, Georgia. On Thursday, March 14, 2002, Augusta Martial Arts Academy will host two-time world kickboxing champion, Johnny "Superfoot" Davis (Left) for a two hour kickboxing seminar scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM at Augusta Martial Arts Academy. Each seminar participant will receive a copy of Mr.Davis' newly published kickboxing training manual, "The Art Of Kickboxing."

A press conference and "meet and greet" with the fighters, Mr. Severn and Mr. Davis is scheduled for Friday, March 15, 2002, at the Penthouse Suite at the Partridge Inn, from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. It is set to be aired live and hosted by Ashley Brown, on Augusta's sports-talk radio station WRDW, AM 1480.

For more information on Winter Wars 2002, please E-mail Mike or Elizabeth Carlson at the Augusta Martial Arts Academy at amaa@prodigy.net, or call at (706) 855-5269, or fax at (706) 855-7119.
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Kevin Hudson Vs Lane Collyer:IKF Professional Heavyweight FCR US Title
Cam McHargue Vs Todd Carney: Professional Light Middleweight MMA - ISCF US Title
Clint Wiggins Vs Rory Singer: Professional Cruiserweight FCR Kickboxing
Shaun Gay Vs Steve Headden: Professional Middleweight MMA - ISCF South East US Title
Stephen Thompson (Right) Vs Ruben Lopez: IKF Amateur FCR Light Heavyweight South East Title
Summer Miller Vs Penny DeGraw: Amateur Featherweight Kickboxing
Shannon Hudson Vs Phillip Botha: Amateur Middleweight Kickboxing
Emmanuel Vero Vs Mike Grivas: Amateur Light Heavyweight Kickboxing
Terrie Hicks Vs Andrea Grishman: Amateur Light Welterweight Kickboxing
Joe Jobes Vs Brendan Dumont: Amateur Middleweight MMA
Gene Silas Vs Tony Rhinehart: Amateur Super Heavyweight MMA
Ashley Cross Vs Jake Pruitt: Amateur Light Middleweight MMA
Fight card subject to change - Fight card potentially not in final order

FRIDAY, January 18th, 2002, AT 5:45 PM, PT


Augusta, Georgia Martial Arts Event To Feature Cross State Rivalries

Every Fall, Southern football fans brace themselves as the University of Georgia Bulldogs face the University of South Carolina Gamecocks in a gridiron battle which has for years been referred to as "The Border War," due to the close proximity of the states in question, and the fierceness of the rivalry.



On March 16, 2002, Augusta Georgia will play host to a major martial sports event which will prominently feature "Border Wars" of a different type and in the ring, as preeminent kickboxers from Georgia and South Carolina will face each other for "bragging rights," and much more.

Augusta Martial Arts Academy's Mike and Elizabeth Carlson, who were recently voted "2001 IKF Promoters of the Year", are gearing up for their biggest event yet. Winter Wars 2002 will be held on March 16, 2002, at the Augusta State University Athletic Complex in Augusta, Georgia. The nighttime event will feature IKF and Professional Karate Commission (PKC) sanctioned professional and amateur full contact/American rules (kicks only above the waist) kickboxing bouts and International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF) sanctioned amateur and professional mixed martial arts matches. The evening fights will come after a daytime karate tournament, also sanctioned by the PKC. Continuous point sparring, forms, weapons and grappling divisions for all ages and belt levels will be available. But it will be that night when the "Border Wars" and other battles at WW 2002 will truly begin.

The main event of the evening will feature Kevin "Hurricane " Hudson (Above Left) of Lyman, S.C., against "Lightning" Lane Collyer (Above Right & 2 action shots) of Atlanta, Georgia in a contest for the vacant IKF FCR U.S. Heavyweight Kickboxing Title.

Hudson, who is ranked #8 in the IKF FCR Heavyweight Division, is a former world professional kickboxing champion in the cruiserweight division of the old organization known as K.I.C.K. "The Hurricane" has been a high profile figure in the Southern martial sports scene, most notably in recent years as a trainer. Moving up in weight and training hard, Hudson is anxiously awaiting this opportunity to get out of the corner and back in the ring. Countless kickboxing fans want to see the same!

Collyer, who has spent the last year involved in fighting, training, AND promoting, is widely renowned as something of a "Mr. Everything" for IKF, due to his willingness to wear "so many hats."

This Atlanta native is world rated in 3 different rules divisions (#3 and the East Coast Heavyweight Champion in Full Contact Rules, #3 in International/Leg Kick Rules and #2 in the Pro MuayThai Heavyweight Division.) and is dedicating himself to winning this prestigious title.

He is also out to prove that his recent loss to "Big" John Dixon (Left) of Gautiar, Mississippi, USA (MuayThai Rules) in December of 2001 was a fluke, and an outgrowth of Collyer "pushing the envelope" too far in one night, attempting to be promoter and fighter on the same card. Many in the kickboxing world agree and are expecting big things of Collyer in this bout.

In either case, these two heavyweights who take their fighting nicknames from atmospheric disturbances will certainly bring some "storm and stress" into the ring. Will the Hurricane blow Collyer away, or will Lighting strike Hudson? Fans will have to come to Augusta to see!

In a HIGHLY anticipated amateur bout, Steven "Wonderboy" Thompson (Right) of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA, will face Atlanta, Georgia's Ruben Lopez in a cruiserweight kickboxing match up.

Lopez trains at Atlanta's LA Boxing and WOWED fans with his power at the 2001 IKF Southeastern Regional Amateur Championships. There, Lopez scored a devastating first round knockout of James Newkirk who was stopped at the 1:00 mark to win the Men's FCR South East Cruiserweight Regional Championship Bout. However, he never made the trip to the National Finals to prove his worth against America's best amateur fighters. It was a goal unfinished but we hope to see him finish it this year. At the 2001 Nationals, Adam Sylvia of Alexandria, Virginia took home the crown instead.

Thompson though completed his goal last year winning the IKF National Amateur FCR Light Heavyweight Title in IMPRESSIVE fashion when he defeated Vilavahn Seukpanya of Milwaukee, Wisconsin by TKO at 14 seconds into the first round. Thompson's kick was the only strike thrown in the bout and set a new record for quickest win by KO/TKO. The kick broke Seukpanya's arm instantly.

Thompson is trained by his father who was one of the 5 IKF Trainers of the Year, Ray Thompson. (Right) Last year Stephen won the 2000 IKF USA National FCR Middleweight Title by unanimous decision (30-23, 30-24, 30-24) over this past years, Peyton Russell, of Bloomington, Minnesota who was this past years 2001 IKF USA National FCR Middleweight Champion. He has also won numerous national amateur titles with the PKC.

So it looks to be the power and aggressiveness of Lopez against the speed and technique of Thompson. They will have five rounds to see who will return home with border "bragging rights." Of course, many other bouts are scheduled and will be the subject of future press releases. Final match ups are still being made for some, and combatants from outside of Georgia and South Carolina are expected to see action on the card as well.

Last year, WW 2001, (February 24, 2001) was a veritable "Who's Who" in the martial sports world in attendance. WW 2002 already promises more of the same, with IKF and ISCF MMA President Steve Fossum scheduled to come to the Garden City for the event.

Mr. Carlson, (Left) who was awarded one of the 7 2001 IKF PRESTIGE AWARDS" is highly enthusiastic about WW 2002: "Elizabeth and I realize that there are high expectations on us whenever we are part of an event." said Carlson, "Those are even higher now that the IKF has been so generous to us, both in terms of its support and recognition. We are dedicating ourselves to exceed those expectations in Winter Wars 2002. With the help and support of our many great friends and fellow martial artist, we are confident that we will make WW 2002 our best event ever."